Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia with Networking Researchers, Practitioners and Information

Asian countries of economic growth proceeds, the effects of the disaster has become to span the many countries across the border. In addition, such as globalization and the aging of the affected areas of the residents, but also caused new challenges.

In order to respond to these challenges, the formation of disaster management community in Asia scale will say that there is an urgent need. On the other hand, experience and the accumulation of disaster prevention and mitigation practice is different for each country.

In order to solve these problems, the research center formation project "Integrated network base of researchers and practitioners, and information for the Asian Disaster Reduction community formation", based on the circumstances of the culture, history and society of the countries toward the development of human resources that can be translated and share in a form understand the individual of disaster prevention practice in other areas, the formation of a network of multilateral framework that connects them of human resources, to proceed with the research exchange.